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a journey to the Self


The heart of a survivor is within every person. There is no unique claim by me to this title.

The heart of a survivor can overcome the frightful curve-balls of life to flourish with hope, courage, and love. By accepting things as they are now – combined with that daily push to be the best we can be – we are given the grace to learn, to grow, to expand, and to do something. This is The Gift.

It is my heartfelt desire this story might inspire just one person.
Inspiration must be given away in order to be received.
Mine is one small voice to be Hird.
I fought to survive, I even thrived. Most importantly, I have flourished with God's loving creativity in my life.
My heart is rich and full for having shared with you the story behind this photograph.


This picture revealed its name as I made a
32 x 40 canvas print. As the printer zipped across the fabric, methodically spraying ink into a black and white image, there magically appeared a distinct, heart-shaped shadow created by my fingers that gently cupped my precious remaining breast—this shadow sat directly above my heart.

©2018 Hird and Kostner